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> was made to a "{*filter*}" program.  A {*filter*} removes all words not used
> within a given application.  Has anybody developed/used such a program?

Yes, many vendors have such a tool.

>       Method 2.

>       The {*filter*} compresses a running forth system.

That's how mine works.

>       and fixes up all references to this words.  Obviously, this
>       part of the task is more difficult if you opt for subroutine
>       threading and inline code.

Not really.  Any threading technique other than token threading is about
equally difficult to relocate the references.  It helps a lot to have a
relocation bitmap identifying which memory locations contain pointers.

>       A disadvantage of this method is that
>       it requires enough memory to hold the unstripped application
>       plus the {*filter*} program.

The {*filter*} program, although rather complex, is not all that big.

Sat, 31 Jul 1993 03:33:57 GMT  
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