Public domain FORTH for VAX VMS or UNIX 
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 Public domain FORTH for VAX VMS or UNIX

Does any one know of a public domain FORTH for
VAX VMS or UNIX?  I'm also looking for a good
FORTH for the MAC.

Thanks in advance,
Louis Leff

Fri, 19 Jun 1992 00:36:00 GMT  
 Public domain FORTH for VAX VMS or UNIX

>Does any one know of a public domain FORTH for VAX VMS or UNIX?

I have a vax assembly language FORTH (it's not very advanced, but it is a
good starting point and its free).  If you want a copy of it, send me
e-mail at one of the addresses listed below.  I've included the beginning
of the source file to give you an idea of what it's like.

                                                -- Rich
# Vforth--a 32 bit forth system using subroutine threading for
#       increased speed.
#       By Andy Valencia, 1984
# Registers with fixed uses:
#       PC - Since we're using direct threading, this operates as the actual
#               execution vector for each instruction.
#       SP - Maintains the return stack
#       R11 - The operand stack
#       R10 - Next open byte in the dictionary--"HERE"
#       R9  - Index into current input line
#       R8  - Points to last entry in the dictionary chain
# Assemble and load with :
#       as -o forth.o forth.vax
#       ld -N -o forth forth.o


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Fri, 19 Jun 1992 07:29:00 GMT  
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