Powerful scheduler and monitor for windows 9x/NT/2000 with script language based on the forth 
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 Powerful scheduler and monitor for windows 9x/NT/2000 with script language based on the forth

I offer powerful scheduler and monitor with script language based on
the forth language (SP-Forth by A.Cherezov http://www.*-*-*.com/ ).

Please visit http://www.*-*-*.com/

ZDNet review (5 star)
http://www.*-*-*.com/ ,,001AI8,.html
NNCron is a Windows version of the Unix Cron scheduler. It can execute
system commands at a scheduled time and can run as an application or a
service. NNCron can read existing crontab files but will also accept
unique and enhanced commands using Forth language and syntax. Some of
the features include the ability to detect the presence or absence of
files or directories, create a message box, and even click on buttons.
It has advanced features that allow it to dial, hang up, and launch
applications as auser (on NT); it can also hide, open, or detect
windows based on a matched pattern. NNCron is as easy to use as
the Unix utility; the many examples should help you implement various
procedures. NNCron is a great way for you to automate tasks and
perform complicated event management.

Yippee  Review (4 star):
Welcome to the mystical world of task scheduling... woooooo.........
Anyway, NNCron is a scheduling program that allows you to do all sorts
of neat things. I was really impressed by this program, the sheer
amount of tasks that you can perform is staggering. It can even
terminate tasks at certain times... If you want a scheduler that does
it all, look no further.

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