WinView unlocked (Valuable source code is hiding) 
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 WinView unlocked (Valuable source code is hiding)

WinView is the Windows Text editor that is included with Win32Forth.
WinView is written in Forth, and compiled as a turnkey application on
top of win32Forth.  I can hardly believe you have used Win32forth, and
don't know about WinView.
John Peters Writes: I want to reuse some of the words in the WinView
Editor.  How can I compile the editor without it sealing all those
valuable and highly reusable words off from being able to be VIEWed?

Dudley Ackerman and I tried putting a back slash in front of line nine
as per below.

\ WinLibrary WININET.DLL

But it did not work. Here is the result.

Loading WinView...
Error: InternetCloseHandle Couldn't find procedure
File: C:\WIN32FOR\WINVIEW.F at line: 4326

We were at a dinner meeting of the unofficial SF FIG meeting that
meets on the first and third Mondays.  We did not have time to try
more guesses.  Please give us some direction.

There are many very valuable words in there.

Mon, 09 Feb 2004 10:55:35 GMT  
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