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FS: [ PYGMY 1.2 is available on SIMTEL20.  SIMTEL20 files are accessible
FS:   both via direct FTP (for internet sites) and via BITNET listserv's
FS:   (email servers) to uucp/mail only sites.  See the OLIS SIMTEL20 file
FS:   for more information.  -dwp]
FS: RC> email me or post the source for PIGMY Forth since I can't access
FS: RC> the archived versions?
FS:  to Rob Chapman on UseNet
FS:     Is the problem lack of access to an MS/PC DOS machine or lack of  access
FS: to GEnie & the xCFBs or ... ?  Or is it just that Pygmy is on  the bulletin
FS: boards in ARC format?  

I checked with our local netgod and he says we can't access these sites in any
manner that he is aware of.  I am waiting to read the OLIS SIMTEL20 file for
more information in case this provides a means for access.  If there is some
way that you know of for me to get PYGMY Forth send me email.

FS:    I enjoyed looking at your botFORTH postings and I'd like to return  the
FS: favor. Can you write me (Box 1613, San Marcos, TX  78667) with  your address
FS: and the above answers (& perhaps the below requested  article)?
FS:    I gather from the recent FORML proceedings that "bot" stands for  "bundle
FS: of technology."  I'd like to hear (read, etc) more about that.   How about
FS: writing up all the details you can?

I am currently compiling documentation for our project and this will include
documenting botForth; but this won't be done till the end of April (maybe!).
Since you've read thru botForth, you might have a few questions.  It would
greatly enhance the documenting process if you could send me any or all
questions that you might have (no matter how trivial).

        voice: 403 462-4545

         mail: Rob Chapman
               4211 95 street
               Edmonton, Alberta
               Canada  T6E 5R6

FS:   By the way, I changed Pygmy's FOR NEXT to the zero does it zero  times as
FS: you suggested.  It will appear in PYGMY version 1.3 if I issue  another
FS: version.

Great.  You might also consider the following operaters (unless you already
have them):

        !+   ( value \ address -- address2+ )

        C!+  ( value \ address -- address1+ )

        !-   ( value \ address -- address2- )

        C!-  ( value \ address -- address1- )

I've found that these are extremely useful and they work really nicely with
FOR...NEXT.  ie:

Although it is tempting to factor these 8 operators into common pieces, these
are by far the most compact and useful form.

Rob Chapman

Sun, 20 Sep 1992 03:44:36 GMT  
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