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 Programmable BBS

 Do - Not - Bother!!!
   PROGRAMMABLE BBS is a peice of {*filter*}--- the sysop can't even make
it print out a message!!
   I was just there (again) and I for one ain't going to spend *MY
MONEY* to call a system that cannot print a message beyond its
header! (And yes, I've tried resetting my screen length, from 255 to
0 to 100 to 50 to 25, it all comes out the same --- for a public
message I *CAN* read here!!)
   Frankly, I think the sysop needs *TIME* to sort out the bugs, pure
and simple... maybe I'll call back again in a year or more... when
HE knows what will fly and what won't!! THANK GOD my growth period
for FigTree is OVER!!
    Anyway, for those who may have concern over long-distance rates,
AVOID this system until its Shake-Down cruise has been completed...
You'll save yourself lots of troubles and bucks....

via Fortress Gateway at uumind.mind.ORG

Sat, 21 Oct 1995 18:45:00 GMT  
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