gray: a parser generator in forth 
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 gray: a parser generator in forth

> In April I posted gray, a parser generator written in Forth.
> Since I received next to no reactions, I wonder, if anybody uses gray,
> and if not, why not.

I kept a copy of it because I was interested, but so far I haven't
used it.  Why?  Because one of the great lessons of Forth is that
syntax is usually unnecessary and often even bad.

I realize that, realistically, it is sometimes prudent to resort to
syntax, especially for marketing purposes.  In this light, a parser
generator is a welcome addition to my Forth "toolkit".  Nevertheless,
I will endeavor to use it as little as possible, by "designing-out"
syntax where I can.

People often accuse me of wanting to make Forth like C.  This is true
in a limited sense: I wish that Forth had a complete set of standard library
interfaces to modern OS features.  It is not true in the syntactic
sense; I don't want Forth to "look like" C at all.  Indeed, I would
prefer to go in the opposite direction, removing some of the syntax
that Forth already has (defining words have "one word lookahead" syntax,
and control structures have syntax).  Syntax is an impediment to
extensibility, and the few syntactic constructs that Forth already
has frequently cause problems.

Wed, 09 Jun 1993 05:37:31 GMT  
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