Announcement: TpForth 2.6 in now available 
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 Announcement: TpForth 2.6 in now available

Dear Sir or Madame,

this is an announcement of a new version (2.6) of TpForth is available
at It fix several bugs and add a lot of new
features with respect of the previous one. Also the WEB site has been
redesigned and now you will be able to surf it using a non javascript
capable browser.

TpForth is a wide-ranging project that the TpForth team and the TpForth
community are developing for use in industrial systems applications.
Because of its versatility, the FORTH language was chosen for this project
and the goal is to produce a full featured environment that will meet the
following criteria:
*Open and royalty free for OEM users.
*It must be developed as a cooperative project using the Internet. The
will continue to evolve with very careful attention to user requirements.
*Full technical support via the Internet.
*Gather and combine all of the existing FORTH ideas that have been developed
to this time.
*Visually integrated and interactive debugging environment including tools
like CASE, project management facility, code analysis and native code
*Well engineered language extensions for OOP, graphics, windowing,
multitasking, etc.
*Easily portable real time multitasking Virtual-Machine supporting both the
parallel and distributed computing paradigms.
*wide industrial application library fully available; e.g. SCADA (supervisor
control and data acquisition), data logging, robot controller, MMI (man
interface), ladder logic interpreter, visual tool supporting the FSM (finite
state machine) generation, etc.;
*A comprehensive library of on-line documentation and tutorials.

The current project status is represented by the TpForth system which you
now download from FREE.

Starting a project having this magnitude required to carefully thought about
the way it should evolve. To avoid any inconsistency or the possibility of
straying from the real user requirements, Technopoint decided to avoid a
free initiative and moving toward a different paradigm.

The idea is to grant financial support for a cooperative development to
an open, but fully supported system which will be designed to meet a wide
of user requirements.

The cooperative method of advancing a project is not new in the Internet
What makes the TpForth project different, is the financial support that
is going to provide. We hope, in this way, to offer the Internet community
one more
reason to join actively the project and be able to allow a consistent
evolution and
rapid development of the project.

At the end, through these initiatives, we hope to assist in the propagation
of the
FORTH language and its use in the technical and scientific communities.
Be sure to check out the project description page at
to know more about TpForth. As you will see, the Tpforth project is more
than just
another FORTH system.

Best regards,

Mon, 12 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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