Potential FPC 3.55 VIRUS, PLEASE READ if you have FPC 3.55 
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 Potential FPC 3.55 VIRUS, PLEASE READ if you have FPC 3.55

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Message 3         Tue Mar 03, 1992
D.RUFFER [Dennis]            at 00:33 EST


It has come to our attention that one of the files in the F-PC version 3.55
distribution contains a message that makes it appear to be a virus or that it
may in some way damage your disk.  The file in question is BXDEBUG.COM in the
BXD.ZIP file within the FPC355-5.ZIP archive.  It contains the following text:

 2280: f6c3be8a23e8bff0 - ebfe596f75722064       A_#d-__Your d
 2290: 69736b2077696c6c - 2062652074726173   isk will- be tras
 22a0: 68656420696e2035 - 207365636f6e6473   hed in 5- seconds
 22b0: 00268a1d2aff8a87 - 122a3c637505c606   .&_.*___-.*<cu..

However, a SCAN showed that it was not one of the known viruses:

 SCAN 8.3B86 Copyright 1989-92 by McAfee Associates.
 Scanning memory for critical viruses.
 Scanning for known viruses.

 No viruses found.

Therefore, it is either a hoax by the guy that produced the program or it uses
an unknown technique to corrupt the disk.  Either way, I would recommend that
people not run the program.  I have spoken with Tom Zimmer, and will be
getting an update disk shortly.  However, he has assured me that he has used
the program for many years with no problems.  Yet, he has also been unable to
contact the author and the program is just not worth the trouble it is
causing.  Thus, it has simply been removed from the update I will be uploading
shortly. For those who do not care to download another version simply to
resolve this problem, all they need to do is get rid of the BXDEBUG.COM from
their system.

BTW, the program in question is:

          b r a n d X  S Y M B O L I C  D E B U G G E R
                         version 2.1

written by:

                          Sonam G Gyato
                   7018 Bergenline Avenue, 2a
                     North Bergen, NJ 07047

Sorry for any worry this may have caused.  We do scan all software uploaded to
our libraries for virus infection, but obviously it is not possible to
completely eliminate the potential of these files causing problems in your
systems.  The people responsible for producing virus programs have become very
inventive and it is always possible for something to slip by our examinations.
We highly encourage everyone who downloads programs to take precautions that
will minimize the potential of loosing important data.  Backup you data often
and use anti-viral programs to check programs before running them on your
system.  You should also be aware that it is always possible to embed some
damaging commands in the source code that will do its harm when you compile it
on your system.

While we do our best to examine everything we receive, it is certainly not
possible for us to completely eliminate the risk.  I do not think we need to
become paranoid and stop downloading new software, but I do think we should
all be aware of the risks and maintain a constant vigil against the idiots who
produce these programs.  If you hear, or suspect any program in our library is
causing a problem, please let us know and we will investigate it immediately.
We most certainly can not assume responsibility for any damages that you may
receive, but we can often tell you how to recover and warn any future users.
In this case, I am not aware of any damages caused by this program, but
results may be different in some other cases.  We must all help each other to
stamp out these programs.

Thanks for the help!   FIG ForthNet sysops
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