Forth in Forth vs Forth in assembly 
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 Forth in Forth vs Forth in assembly

I can see why Forth in Forth (metacompiling) might be a little more
intimidating to the novice, but if you're interested in modifying
Forth itself, or to play around with new language concepts, my
experience is that it's the way to go.  If you just want to
_understand_ how it works, rather than mess with it, maybe C or
assembler would be less of a conceptual leap.  But for you hands on
types, make the extra effort - it's worth it.

My main reason for supporting metacompiling Forths is I think Forth
is the second most productive programming environment mere mortals
have access to.  Having to work in C or assembler, just because
you're working on the compiler instead of an application would seem
to be a step backwards.

-Tom Bushell

P.S. In case anybody cares what I think is the most productive
programming environment - Smalltalk.  But maybe that will change if
OOFs get rolling.

Sat, 13 Mar 1993 02:29:35 GMT  
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