North (S.F.) Bay Forth Interest Group (10/14, Berkeley) 
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 North (S.F.) Bay Forth Interest Group (10/14, Berkeley)

Note that although this meets at Berkeley Mac Users' Group it is NOT primarily
a MAC group.

Subject: North Bay Forth Interest Group: October

October 14, 1995

The next meeting will be at our regular time and place, on the 2nd Saturday,
October 14, at BMUG, 2055 Center Street, Berkeley, one-half block from the
Berkeley BART station. Tutorial at noon, meeting at 1 P.M. For information,
call Leonard Morgenstern, (510) 376-5241.

11:20 Hungry members meet at Sun Peking Restaurant (across street).
noon Tutorial (Hans):   Deferred words in  Forth
1:00Meeting: Introductions and announcements
1:30 Len Morgenstern Data Structures in Forth : Red-black trees
2:30 Gary Richardson Pruning the Dictionary in Forth
3:30 Free-for-all
5:00Adjournment & Dinner: Those interested will meet at a nearby restaurant.
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