FORTH's killer app? 
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 FORTH's killer app?

An article on
http://www.*-*-*.com/ ,10738,2814010,00.html by
David Coursey started me thinking. It says in part: [ My comments marked
by { and } ]

What's the next big thing? What is going to give people a reason to buy
a new Computer?
"  Hint: It's not a new Microsoft operating system.
   While computers have made major contributions to our business lives,
they aren't nearly so prevalent in our homes. At least not in the sense
that they are specifically tailored for home applications, as opposed to
running what are essentially business apps in the comfort of our dens
and home offices.
   While shared printers and files were the driving force bringing local
area networks--notably Novell Netware--into offices, shared video and
entertainment will drive home networking. That, and wireless technology,
with the forthcoming 802.11a standard and Bluetooth solving most
home-wiring problems.
is a new operating system. Or at least A VASTLY SIMPLIFIED VERSION OF
SOMETHING THAT ALREADY EXISTS{ Emphasis added}. And we need computers
capable of providing command and control of home entertainment--and they
can't be very expensive.
   This is going to sound funny coming from me, someone who has never
owned such a device, but I am convinced that the next stage in the
evolution of personal computing will be dominated by what today we call
game consoles.
{ I sort of disagree, but his emphasis on SIMPLICITY is correct }
   Here are the issues I {David Coursey} am trying to solve:
How do we make home computers so easy to use that everyone can actually
use them?
How will we make all the devices in a home--TV, satellite receiver,
stereo, security
    system, and telephones--work together in a single network?
How do we get to something more stable, more secure, and easier to use
than Windows
without having to kill Windows first? "

Does any one else see the similarity between this and some of the
explanations of Forth given in _Starting Forth_? How about a combination
of this and { if a faulty memory serves me correctly } the BSR X-10 home
controller that was the rage a few years ago.

Sat, 13 Mar 2004 00:29:59 GMT  
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