Searching for Forth on 386/Unix 
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 Searching for Forth on 386/Unix

Dear networkers:

Mr. Chou the member of Taiwan's FIG (he just sent the message about the
possibility for connecting the net between the Taiwan Fidonet and Forthnet
in couple of days ago) asked me to inquire does there have any Forth tools
available for 386/Unix.

He and his fellows are just going a project which will implement the
Chinese Window System of Unix on 386 machines. He convinced that the Forth
is a efficent language to be the PROM monitor of the computers (just as
the distinguised firmware Forth - Open Boot PROM by Mitch Bradley), and
he want to develop the programs for this purpose.

But he used some Forth packages and found most of them are not quite
pertinet to his working environment.

I used the Sun Forth (written by Mitch) on my SPARCstations and 68K
machines. Both of them work excellently under the Unix. But I don't
know does there have any other Forth written for 386/Unix.

Chou referred that he loaded and executed a c-written Forth and got
depress for its slow speed. So he thought that the assembly-based Forth
was his favor.

He told me that he used modem to dial the Usenet node in USA directly,
and spent about US$150 each time. Since my Internet cost is more cheap
than his Usenet, so I promised to ask the help for him.

Any recommendation or information about Forth on 386/Unix is highly
welcomed and appreciated.


Tue, 12 Apr 1994 04:31:31 GMT  
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