nephyte needs f83 examples & examples 
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 nephyte needs f83 examples & examples

 Date: 05-02-91 (17:49)              Number: 2081 of 2088
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 3o3 QUOTED FROM <GS>                                                3o3[
 3o3                                                                 3o3[
 3o3  I recently download Laxen and Perry F83 from my local BBS and  3o3[
 3o3 started using it however I am have a small problem ... I can    3o3[
 3o3 only access files while I am on drive A. Does anybody know a    3o3[
 3o3 work-around for this?                                           3o3[


 You need to re-metacompile it on the drive it's on.  This will set the
 file paths right in the program.

 -( Ben )-

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