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Message 19        Fri Jun 11, 1993
ELLIOTT.C                    at 14:24 EDT

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 Date: 06-11-93 (00:45)
   To: ALL
 Subj: Forth Systeme BBS

 The FAQ for "What is ForthNet" needs to be updated to include the
 following BBS:

     Forth Systeme GmbH BBS
     Breisach, Germany
     SYSOP: Klaus Flesch
     Phone Number: (Country Code 49) 7667-556

 The Forth Systeme BBS runs PCBOARD 14.5 with NETMAIL 5.0 and is
 networked to ForthNet via the LMI BBS in Los Angeles, California.  The
 LMI BBS is networked to ForthNet via GrapeVine.
  * GrapeVine Ferret Face/Little Rock - 501/753-8121 SuperRegional Hub
  * PostLink(tm) v1.06  GRAPEVINE (#318) : RelayNet(tm)

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