How to get on to IRC (Internet Relay Chat) with mIRC Chat for the FIG UK Forth chat sessions 
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 How to get on to IRC (Internet Relay Chat) with mIRC Chat for the FIG UK Forth chat sessions

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> John:

> Can you tell us what network and channel to connect to?  That info
> didn't come up when I googled "Forth IRC".

Sure - From my palm desk top:

IRC Net How  mIRC Chat

Down load the program here -

Run it - You can close the dialog with the picture of the author.

Join almost any server, wait while it searches for a connection, then
Last time I used     IRCnet: US, NY, New York
When you are connected -

/join #figuk   is what you type.


Previously I had asked Chris -

I am wondering how much admin work there is to each session?

Very little. I merely announce the event beforehand (by posting to the
newsgroup), join the #figuk channel and participate. First one to join
#figuk gets the ops privilege but we've never had to use it.

We currently host the IRC session on the first Saturday of every month. Our
home page calculates the date of the next session and a link so that you can
find out what time it takes place at your location. We have about 5 to 10
Forth people each month and some of these are from outside the UK.

Chris Jakeman

Fri, 24 Feb 2006 03:10:11 GMT  
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