WANTED: gostscript primitives for the atariST in 4-83 code 
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 WANTED: gostscript primitives for the atariST in 4-83 code

        WANTED:  Ghostscript Primitives in Forth 83 code for the Atari ST

I have an Atari ST and Forth 83. I am looking for a set of code words
allow me to do graphics operations a la post/ghostscript.

I would also be keen to hear from folks that have minimal Forths that can
load extentions that allow the Atari ST to do animation, sound
, modeming, printing, compiling stand alone program etc., etc.

I do not have F.T.P. and when I send mail to the "FTP BY MAIL" site, I
the "your mail bounced 'cause..." message.

Thanks in advance.


Fri, 12 Jan 1996 09:03:59 GMT  
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