Forth's popularity, side-effect 
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 Forth's popularity, side-effect

Forth is gaining ground once again, apparently. More of our colleagues are
finding more Forth work, which is a good thing.

An unfortunate side effect of everyone's busy-ness: it seems harder to
find time to write for Forth Dimensions, our community's prime vehicle of
communication among ourselves and with the interested public. It seems to
be pretty common these days that some of the people we'd most like to hear
from in print are also the ones busiest with new and interesting projects.

Please consider this a request to (a) write an article or letter to the
editor, or (b) encourage someone you know to do so. We are interested in a
wide variety of topics, as always, and we need to serve readers who range
from near beginners to gurus. (In other words, don't be afraid to tackle
tough subjects, but we also need tutorial and intermediate material.)

Remember, Forth Dimensions is a community-supported publication, not only
in terms of subscriptions but in terms of content. We really do need your
contribution to its pages in order for the magazine to function as it
should and to stay relevant in these times of Forth's growth on several

Thank you -- and feel free to send your article ideas or completed papers

--Marlin Ouverson, Editor
--Forth Dimensions

Fri, 17 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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