Need of kernel in source 
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 Need of kernel in source

   In part, a good point. However, if our dear Standards Team would
only settle upon a file-based protocol, that of opening, reading,
writing, expanding and closing, much of this would go away. I know I
personally like the Pygmy style, that is, you assign multiple files
with X offset in blocks ala F79 and access them in standard F79
ways. However, I've heard many that wish to access files as their
attributes, text, data, or whatever rather than raw sectors in F79.
    There is room for this. It's easier to think of in some ways, if
you can specify a record length and let DOS play with the placement.
But, on the general topic, I'd stick with FIG listings and
implementations, simply because they DO include the source and with
a little thought, either from the low-level aspect or the high level
Forth aspect, you can generally figure out what's happening. (and/or
rewrite as you see fit.) This may be unique to fig-Forth
publications, because no "EGO" gets in the way of letting out "the
secret", but its always been a great attractor for me!!

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