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> > ...when you <BUILDS things, you need to align it.  And, if the word

>Actually, that's not true, if the system implementor did things right.  The
>last word-aligned system I used automatically ALIGNed before every CREATE.
>This forced the parameter field to an even address (which was required for the
>thread of a colon definition). So, DOES> always returned an aligned address,
>and the user didn't have to worry about it.
>Strings compiled in-line were always padded to an even number of bytes; this
>required a small bit of additional logic in the run time code which advances
>the IP over the string, but it was invisible to the user.  (In-line byte
>parameters were forbidden, no great loss.)

1) I think the loss of the ability to compile bytes is a great loss.
2) How about
15 30 DATA NAME_1

Just putting 15 won't work. SPARCs have 4-bytes alignement restriction too, for
example. And on and on. And RECORD structures ARE VERY USEFUL.

Daniel C. Sobral

Tue, 03 Aug 1993 04:27:00 GMT  
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