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Message 4         Thu Apr 22, 1993
D.RUFFER [Dennis]            at 20:22 EDT

Now this is sure an interesting one! ;)   DaR

Ira Marks of Strategic Alternatives has been retained to do a job search by
Adobe to locate a senior software person who can optimize the postscript
language.  They are looking for Forth experience due to the simularities
between the languages, and they want a computer science background due to the
complexities of PostScript.  When I talked with him on the phone today, they
did not appear too concerned with PostScript experience, but embedded
experience is most desirable.

The job is in Mountain View, CA and includes relocation, perks and a $80-100K
base salary.  Those interested can contact Ira at: (415) 854-4200 or (415) 854-
4253 (fax).
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