3-instruction Forth for 68HC11 (Pygmy) 
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 3-instruction Forth for 68HC11 (Pygmy)

     In response to the occasional inquiry, I have put
my "3-instruction Forth" package on my web site (on the
Forth page).  It includes the original article that appeared
in the 1991 FORML Conference Proceedings, along with
several variants of the code customized for several
different versions of the 68HC11 (i.e 'E1, 'A1, 'D0).

     The article describes how to use a single board computer,
with possibly very limited memory, from Forth running on
a host computer.  The examples include code for Pygmy Forth
on the PC and a minimal "3-instruction Forth" monitor
downloaded automatically to the 68HC11's RAM.  For
development work, this approach gives nearly the full
convenience of having a full Forth on the target
microprocessor while using somewhere between 32 bytes
(the smallest version I have used) to 66 bytes of RAM
on the 68HC11 for the monitor code.

     This may be of use even to those who do not use
Forth to develop for the 'HC11, as it provides a
convenient wrapper for writing and running and testing
assembly language routines on the 'HC11.

     The package is freely distributable and useable
under the condition that I bear no responsibility for
any damages due to its use or misuse.

  -- Frank

  http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~pygmy

Tue, 25 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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