ForthNet and FNEAS back on line. 
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 ForthNet and FNEAS back on line.

Just a note to:
        Let you know that willett is back up and FNEAS/ForthNet messages
                are being processed again.
        Let you know that the ForthNet messages are stuck in an downstream
                site from willett.
        The middle of the month FAQ messages were not posted because the
                hardware was down.  They'll be posted as soon as the news
                starts really getting out from willett.
        Several recent FNEAS requests from outside of North America have
                bounced with undeliverable addresses.  If you sent a
                request and haven't yet gotten an answer, either I never
                received it, or the reply has bounced.  Please retry your
                request with a different mail path.


Fri, 06 Jan 1995 20:15:41 GMT  
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