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 Criteria again

> I say again, I do NOT have a set of "sufficient" criteria -- the
> "magic formula" you requested to produce the perfect standard.  But
> I have suggested some minimum or "necessary" criteria.  Please
> distinguish between the two.

The problem with criteria, either "necessary" or "sufficient", is that
there is no mechanism for either consistently applying or enforcing them.

There is no "judicial system" with the authority to overturn decisions,
and individual members are not compelled to vote according to some set
of criteria.

Having joined the committee by the usual means (showing up at two meetings
in a row), I was granted full voting rights, which I then used according
to my best judgement.  I did not agree to uphold the constitution by
applying a set of predetermined criteria.  However, I was persuaded by
rational arguments that certain guidelines were "good" and should be
kept in mind (e.g. try to minimize the breaking of user's code, try not
to invalidate popular implementation techniques, etc).  No guideline is


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