Questions, questions! 
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 Questions, questions!

        Have been reading your newsgroup for quite some time, and
have a few questions which I would be exceedingly happy for help from
anyone concerning.

        Firstly, I have just finished reading 'Starting forth' by
L. Brodie and am looking for a text which would guide me out of the
'Forth neophyte with just enough expertise to make him dangerous' stage.
Several possible texts are
        i) Forth tools and applications, G Feierbach
        ii) Forth: A text and reference, Kelly & Spies
        iii) Forth Programming, Leo Scanlon.
        Would anyone happen to know anything about any or all of these
books, and could they give an indication of their applicability to
someone at my level of expertise.

        Secondly, I would like some help with reading numbers from a file
using FPC3.55.  I am writing a numerical quadrature (integration) program
which has, as its input, a file containing two columns of floating point
numbers.  I would like to read these numbers from the file and put them
on the stack for future messing about with.  Any help would be much
appreciated, because otherwise I will have to do this in fortran, and
noone deserves such a fate.

        Thirdly (and finally), I was wondering whether there were any
groups of numerical routines written in Forth, and where could I find them if
there are any.  As a grad student in Physics, I spend a lot of time working
with numbers, and I would prefer to be doing this in Forth.  Is
Forth a decent language for number-crunching, or is it only much good for
integer calculations via the stack?  Anyway, if there are any useful routines
which I could get via ftp, fneas or email, I would dearly love to find out
about them.

        Many thanks in advance, and I think the newsgroup is really
interesting (though some of the debates are somewhat over my head!).

                Sean O'Byrne

Thu, 01 Sep 1994 12:44:23 GMT  
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