We need MORE Software to SELL 
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 We need MORE Software to SELL

We need complete software applications or technology pieces!

We are Amicus Software Brokers Inc.  and our business is growing!

We have two outlets for your software.  1) We can arrange to sell/license
your software to another company or 2) We can help you begin marketing
your software through several distribution channels.

Better yet,  we do not ask for any money out of your pocket.  If we do
not sell your product, we don't earn any money.   It is as simple as

Respond via e-mail if you have product you would like us to consider.

In that message please include:
Title of product
Platform  (we need MAC, Win 3.x, Win 95/NT, and yes even DOS)
Language written in (This will help us access its transportability, JAVA
is hot!)
System requirements

If you would like more details concerning our needs and/or marketing
methods please read on.


We are looking for products in many categories including: Multi-Media,
Reference, Small Office / Home Office, Games, Educational, Edutainment,
Utilities, and more.


You may be asking why we are still interested in DOS.  Well, we have
contacts in the PDA market place that are looking for DOS applications
that they can convert for use.  This could be a big market for about five
years.  Additionally, Big Blue has announced the need for PC priced
applications to run on the AS/400.  The AS/400 is a character based OS.  
We have contacts in that arena who can help convert and market
applications on this platform.  Well established DOS applications could
have a whole new life here.  These projects are long term. Finally, we
have a company who will put new windows front ends on DOS applications
and help market the upgrade.  
See: Specific Examples of Needed Applications later in this message.

WIN 3.x, 95, NT:
What can we say, these are the most popular platforms and we need lots of
See: Specific Examples of Needed Applications later in this message.

While this is not our focus, many of our clients are looking for DUAL
Media software.  We know that MAC programmers can easily produce this.  
We will consider any DUAL media applications.
See: Specific Examples of Needed Applications later in this message.


Contact Manager, Financial, Planners, Calendar, Scheduler
Word Processor, Spread Sheet, Databases, Drawing. Painting,

All kinds

Recipe Organizer and Meal Planner
Genealogy Tools, Web Page Builder

Winsock, E-mail, Finger, Name Server, FTP, Time Server
Math functions, Spell Checker, Word Indexer,  Java database engine


We have two methods of marketing your applications/technologies.

1) Since we are constantly in contact with development companies we have
compiled a list of their needs.  It's possible that we could match your
software with their needs quickly.   But they do not move very fast, be
patient.  In this arrangement our fee is 2.35% of the compensating
contract that we negotiate for you.

2) For completed applications that need a start or boost in sales, we
have established some non- traditional channels of distribution.   Using
these channels we can help get your project off the ground and running.  
For this market, we pay  10% of ESP as a developer's royalty.   After
establishing a track record, we assist you in taking your product

None of the projects listed above happen over night.  This is not a get
rich quick approach.  
We do not guarantee any sales until you have money in hand.  Our staff
has over 30 years of combined experience in sales and marketing.  We have
worked for software companies like IBM, WordPerfect, Claris and Apple.  
We now hope to work on your projects.

Please e-mail us to begin negotiations.


Amicus Software Brokers Inc.

Sun, 15 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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