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> Hi Wil,
> A couple of comments regarding your web presence:
> 1. A single .ZIP file to download all the source would be nice for the
> casual user.

The source files are subject to change, especially in the initial phase.
It's awkward enough now maintaining them.

> 2. Files such as MARKUP which require other tools, should have visible
> links to the other tools too, so one can quickly traverse the files needed
> for a particular feature.

Good idea. I'll chase it.

> 3. The TEXT tag should be closer to the top, preferrably in a constant
> place so one does not have to search for it when ready to download.

Another good idea. That place would be right after the initial
"COMMENTARY-STARTS" line. I wrote and ran a script to do it. Installation
is pending.

> Good stuff!




Mon, 10 Feb 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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