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 Forth book available via FTP

Sorry to jump onto this topic late, I have been away for a
while, and I didn't see the original massage from Nathan
Stratton.  But reading follow up messages I gather the
question was to do with handling interrupts in Forth,
specifically FPC.

No, it isn't hard to handle interrupts in FPC and I have
written a small package that does this (HLINT).  Be happy to
send a copy of the source, help and documentation files to

It is slightly slower than assembler true but often we use
interrupts because of the unpredicatability of the event to be
handled rather than for the ultimate in response speed.  If
you decide to go with assembler Nathon you might find HLINT
interesting if only because it handles the little chores like
loading and unloading interrupt vectors and shows just what
has to be preserved in FPC when you drop into assembler.  It
also shows how to set up specials stacks if interrupts are to
be nestable (DOS bless it is not re-enterent which can lead to
some funny problems with nested interrupts in FPC when it is
using dos calls from time to time).  I find it better to use
both interrupts and multi-tasking and ensure that no dos calls
occur in the ISR part.  With one event every 500 mSec, you
should not have too much trouble though.

The package, and the way ISRs and multi-tasking can work
together to handle real time input and output, is discussed in
detail in my book Real Time Forth, which is now available by
anonymous FTP - see seperate posting going out at the same time
as this one.  Feel free to grab a copy, I hope you find it useful.

HLINT is included in the zipped Real Time Forth package by the

Tim Hendtlass,
      Physics Department, Swinburne University of Technology,
      P.O.Box 218 Hawthorn 3122 Australia.

fax   (61) 3 819 0856.
voice (61) 3 819 8863.
"I use Forth because I am more productive that way".

Fri, 31 May 1996 11:42:08 GMT  
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