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 comp.lang.forth mini-FAQ: READ ME FIRST!

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  comp.lang.forth Frequently Asked Questions README
  An Introduction to the 7-part FAQ

  Last modified: $Date: 1999/08/12 01:07:01 $

  An overview and pointer to the comp.lang.forth Frequently-Asked Ques-
  tions files.  Please report all omissions or errors to John D. Verne


  Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. How to get the comp.lang.forth FAQ

  3. Summary of the FAQ

  4. How to contact the FAQ maintainers

  5. How to submit changes to the FAQ


  1.  Introduction

  This is a brief summary and description of the Forth programming
  language Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) files.  They are posted
  monthly to the comp.lang.forth, comp.answers and news.answers USENET
  newsgroups, and are updated (semi)regularly.

  This document is posted to comp.lang.forth every Monday.

  The FAQ is relatively complete and up-to-date, but is not an
  exhaustive treatise on the Forth programming language.  It is meant to
  be a work-in-progress that addresses the many concerns of the Forth
  community, and tries to answer some of the common RFI's (Requests For
  Information) posted to the USENET newsgroup comp.lang.forth.

  If a reader finds any of the information contained in the FAQ
  incomplete, outdated or just plain wrong, they should feel free to

  and perhaps a correction.  Often, when an author is unsure of a piece
  of information they mark it with brackets [like this].  Please see the
  section on ``How to submit changes to the FAQ''.

  If after you've parsed the FAQ for a specific resource you haven't
  found what you want, please feel free to post a clear question to
  comp.lang.forth.  Most netizens will be more than willing to assist
  with your problem.  Please note: Please read the "Flame bait" section
  in part 1 of the FAQ (General/Miscellaneous) before making certain
  assertions, or you may be responsible for starting yet another, same-
  old, "holy war".

  This document is released into the public domain.  You may quote
  freely from it, as long as you play nice and credit the authors.  This
  document is provided for your information only.  Subject to change
  without notice.  Serving suggestion, only.  Trademarks are the
  property of their respective owners.

  May the Forth be with you.

  2.  How to get the comp.lang.forth FAQ

  There are several ways to get a copy of the comp.lang.forth FAQ-files.

     Via anonymous FTP

     o  The Forth software repository
        <> (official distribution

     o  The RTFM FAQ <
        faq/> archives

     Via the World-Wide-Web

     o  The Forth Interest Group (FIG) < http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;

     o  The Internet FAQ Consortium < http://www.*-*-*.com/

     o  The Ohio-State University < http://www.*-*-*.com/>
        hypertext FAQ server

     Via Usenet

     Via email

     o  There is no automated email server at this time.  If you are
        unable to obtain your own copy of the FAQ, send a message with

        "Forth FAQ request"

        in the subject line to the Forth FAQ Maintainers

        email address is correct.  If any email is returned due to an
        "unknown recipient" it will be tossed in the bit-bucket.

  3.  Summary of the FAQ

  The FAQ document is divided up into seven parts, each of which covers
  a specific aspect of the Forth programming language.  Each part is
  discussed in brief, below.

     Part 1 of 7, General Forth Information

     o  <>

     o  What is Forth, and from who's brow did it spring?

     o  What standards are there?

     o  Mommy, what's a "holy war"?

     o  Who uses Forth, and why?

     o  Maintained by Anton Ertl

     Part 2 of 7, Online Resources

     o  <>

     o  What kind of Forth resources are available online?

     Part 3 of 7, Forth Vendors

     o  <>

     o  Who offers Forth systems, consultation, services?

     Part 4 of 7, Forth S