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 -> mf> Jack Woehr's new book (_Forth: The New Model_)
 -> Could anybody please describe the contents of this book, and
 -> how to get it? (The second part of that question is probably
 -> a FAQ, sorry). Is the book more than just a backtranslation of
 -> the legalese in the Standard Documents?

         _Forth: The New Model_, M&T Books, 1992, ISBN 1-55851-
 227-2, 315 pages + disk containing examples and latest version of
 Martin Tracy's ZenForth.

         Marcel, the book is about the mechanics of ANS Forth but
 mostly about the *overarching concepts* of ANS Forth: not only
 the decisions which were made, but *why* these decisions were
 made, and what the theory behind them is. That, and a bit of
 gossip and reflection on the history and evolution of Forth.

         There's plenty of examples (including an object-oriented
 extension to dpANS-Forth), plenty of hard facts, but also lots of
 questions, unanswered questions that only community-wide praxis
 of the new Forth model will solve.

         All this in the writing style which you found a tad too
 "precious" when you reviewed my DDJ article on the pre-emptive
 multitasker for VIJGEBLAD :-)


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