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I don't think that there is much of a problem with people being minimalists
providing they do not have a hidden agenda: protecting what they have
developed with no risk of change. FORTH is an excellent language, but few
people are willing to pay for it. The FORTH community has to get rid of the
roll your own mentality, which I really don't understand. I can't write
low-level stuff any where near as good as some of the big guns out there, how
many can?

I regularly use Pascal, Basic, AWL, Prolog, and I have found the interpreters
and compilers lacking in each of these, (Prolog has been the worst). So far
if I apply myself I can write anything in FORTH that I could in any of the
other languages, the difference is largely a matter of convenience.
Conversely I can write anything that I have written in FORTH in any of the
other languages. The differences are: 1) Many algorithms are much more
understandable in FORTH, 2) in FORTH, a bug in the compiler can be repaired.

FORTH suffers most in that its code is not portable, for a lot of the PD
stuff is poorly documented, (Prolog is the best for portability). I can only
conclude that we need a standard, and that the FORTH community should support
those vendors who support the standard. I don't know if my preferred vendor
will support the standard, or will supply a prelude; but I hope so.

So to conclude:
        1) We need a standard to communicate effectively with one another.
        2) We have to support vendors, for some (many) of us do not have the
           talent to write effective implementations.
        3) We need implementors who are willing to be progressive even if it
m            means turfing their old implementations. If they insist in
           dinosaurs they will suffer the same fate.
regards john
john somerville B.C. Hydro
affiliations FIG Forth Interest Group

Sat, 03 Jun 1995 14:45:39 GMT  
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