A small 32 bit Forth metacompile 
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 A small 32 bit Forth metacompile

Are there any good (and small ~= 15 pages printed) 32 bit (Intel based)
metacompile Forths floating about?

What I'm looking for is some raw ideas.  I'd prefer to find code that does
not use OS interrupt calls; thus, no MSDOS, and no UNIX/AIX/...

BIOS and other hardware interrupts are expected.

Also, if it has much assembly code in it (more than one page), please
include the assembler definitions or tell me which Forth was used to compile
it.  If you can't get the assembler definitions and don't know the origin
then only send if it's under 10 pages.

What I'd like to do:
Make a small 32 bit OS Kernel shell around a 32 bit Forth.  Boot it from a
floppy.  Mount several different OS formats with it.  Build a set of video
card programming tools and maybe even make a little GUI.

please send any relevant information to my email address:


Sat, 05 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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