homonyms in new ANSI {T.E. OMOHéMù} 
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 homonyms in new ANSI {T.E. OMOHéMù}

Dear friends:

{in braces there's a txt in Russian}

There are homonyms {???} in the new ANSI standard!
From the human viewpoint some language elements have several meanings!
(From the computer viewpoint the language elements are Forth words, i.e.
strings, their internal structure is never analysed. From human (that
reads, not searches for the strings) viewpoint the language elements
are also such [scraps of {???}] words as CHAR , CELL , TIB  ,etc.)

For example, the language element CELL means the cell size.
But the language element  CHAR means both the cell size and fetching
a char from the input stream.

The definition


is evident, but we can not define


, because CHAR alone {D??? CHAR} means fetching char code from the input
Probably, the solution would be to rename CHAR to CHR (do you see, _which_
one I mean?) (( CHRS doesn't sound well)).

Another example is the [human] word SEARCH which means both dictionary search
and the string search.

Probably, we should avoid use of some names and leave them for application
programmers. And we should not overload the [scarps of] human words!

Would anybody consider this as a fault and give a negative vote to TC ?

M.L.Gassanenko from his friend's node.


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Fri, 24 May 1996 23:24:16 GMT  
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