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 Brain damage

>    >SET-ORDER can be done portably in ANS FORTH

> Only if everyone implements *ALL* the extension word sets.  In our own
> case, I can definitely promise you that LMI will *NOT* implement the
> extension words that it considers brain-damaged, which definitely
> includes ALSO and ONLY.

GET/SET-ORDER was invented in order to resolve the conflict between the
proponents of run-time search order specification and those who consider
ALSO/ONLY to be brain-damaged.  (ALSO/ONLY indeed has some serious
technical flaws; nevertheless, it is useful.)

I believe that the design of GET/SET-ORDER addresses the problems with
ALSO/ONLY, while being simpler than ALSO/ONLY.  Indeed, GET/SET-ORDER
was originally proposed as a "fix" for the most fundamental flaw of
ALSO/ONLY.  Then I realized that it is sufficiently powerful that
ALSO/ONLY can be easily implemented in terms of GET/SET-ORDER.  John
Hayes and I have figured out how to implement a few other popular
search order schemes in terms of GET/SET-ORDER.  From what Martin
Tracy has told me of LMI's search order mechanism, I believe it can
be expressed in terms of GET/SET-ORDER as well.

The SEARCH ORDER "base" wordset now contains GET/SET-ORDER and a few
has been banished to the SEARCH ORDER EXTENSION wordset.

I would be interested to learn of other wordsets that LMI considers to
be brain-damaged, and why.  (Don't bother mentioning the strings wordset;
everybody in the world seems to have different and mutually-incompatible
ideas about what should be in that particular wordset, so I expect that
it will remain brain-damaged).


Fri, 30 Jul 1993 07:48:58 GMT  
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