RiscOS Forthmacs Newsletter, Nov. 1998 
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 RiscOS Forthmacs Newsletter, Nov. 1998

RISC OS Forthmacs letter, Nov 1998
current version:  RISC OS Forthmacs 3.1/2.93

WEB site:         http://www.*-*-*.com/

*** WEB site:
is now ready to be used by all for support of RiscOS Forthmacs

*** mailing list:

    Anyone can post mails to this list by posting it to the above address
    after subscribing. To subscribe write a mail with the subject
                Subject: signon
    to signoff
                Subject: signoff
    to get more information about the mailing list
                Subject: info
*** mail server:

    The mailserver supports all Forthmacs users. You will always find the
    latest release here.
                Subj: info
    will give you information on how to use the server.


Here is some information for all RISC OS Forthmacs users and those who are
interested in Forth on Acorns ARM based computers.

The current release fixes a major problem resulting from shelled applications,
the 'bug' in the bye sheme has also been fixed.
Faster filing is included in the kernel, 2.93 has the bugfixes included.
Multitasking support for crashes, errors and throw handlers has been optimized.
Several improvements and fixes on the interface library mostly for faster
response and security.

NOTE: there is a new mail manager service available. A Forthmacs application
does all work with the mailing list and the mail server right now. All of you
interested in this software can get it for free, it works perfectly well with
the ANT suite.

The Forth language implementation RISC OS Forthmacs is under
continous development. It offers:

   - StrongARM optimised code
   - 32-bit stacks and addresses
   - multilingual catch & throw messages
   - full HTML & ASCII online documantation plus printed manual
   - fast and effective cooperative multitasking
   - crash resistance ( also in multitasking )
   - optimizing compiler generating inlined primitives icl. decompiler support
   - complete source code (optional) with target/metacompiler
   - StrongED-4 Forth-mode with search engine giving HTML or ASCII docs

   - structured source-code-ready decompilation
   - macro assembler and disassembler
   - Source-code-level debugging/tracing/single-stepping
   - Assembly language debugging/tracing/single-stepping
   - runtime profiling tool
   - xmodem and serial interface tool
   - user interface library for menus, edit-boxes, hotspots, job queuing
     and datafile handling
   - Forthmacs database
   - binding libraries for GNU dbm, GSM, Irlam and serial device modules.

   - full ANS Floating and Floating Extended wordsets
   - Command line editing with interactive history editor
   - command completion
   - callfinder
   - Operating system independent file system interface
   - operating system library compiler

All archives are ZIP deflated, just copy the inside !Forthmacs directory over
your existing dir. You should quit the Forthmacs shell before doing so in case
!Forthmacs:!Run wants to be changed.

Note: You should download StrongED Version 4.54 from:
    http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~guttorvi/strong.html


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