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          Can anyone help, the standard EFORTH word-set includes the word
NUMBER? which converts a number string entered interactivly by the user.
Although it accepts hex numbers e.g $4000, it does not conform to the
usual FORTH and allow you to enter a double number e.g 123.45

Can anyone help by providing a modification of the EFORTH source for the
word. Follows below .......

  Provide a seperate word to allow you to enter a double number on the

  Thanks in advance.

/ --------------------- Source starts here -----------------------------

: NUMBER? ( a -- n T, a F )

  IF HEX SWAP BYTE+ SWAP 1 - THEN ( a 0 b' n')

  IF 1 - ( a 0 b n)

      ELSE R> R> ( b index) 2DROP ( digit number) 2DROP 0
      THEN DUP
  THEN R> ( n ?sign) 2DROP R> BASE ! ;

        Bernie Mentink   ( Christchurch N.Z. )

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Sun, 04 Jun 1995 09:39:20 GMT  
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