some more fixes to pfe uploaded 
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 some more fixes to pfe uploaded
Hello, world!

I uploaded a new version of the portable Forth environment to
the taygeta-site (

OS/2 binaries are in an archive, sources as usual in

Changes are as follows:

0.9.12 -- 0.9.13

        - Made it faster by reordering some if/else clauses and
            partially unrolling the inner interpreter loop.
        - Made `AHEAD' immediate as it should be.
        - Fixed yet more bugs in the configuration script.
        - Fixed an ugly bug: Instead of signal names SIGxyz the
            numbers were defined as constants. The same bug messed
            up search paths for source and block files.

The last bug forced me to do this otherwise not very remarkable
release. On a 486 the speed increase is more than 10% (boah eh!).
Still no manual.

Best regards

Sat, 10 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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