not exactly a 3-key keyboard ... 
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 not exactly a 3-key keyboard ...

I have had an interest in 3-key keyboards for awhile now.
(I think it might really take 5 or 6 or 7 keys to give me
what I want.)  So, alternative input devices catch my
attention.  Here's something that costs only $99 and
requires only a '386 or better.  (Naturally, I think
those requirements are excessive.)

Page 202 of the Feb '96 Byte magazine has a product announcement
for the Kantek wireless Spectrum RingMouse.  From the picture,
it appears to strap onto your index finger, perhaps with velcro.
Use thumb to press either of its two buttons.   " ... includes ...
a device that sits on top of your monitor.  The monitor device
has sensors that triangulate the mouse's position ... Waving your
hand above the keyboard moves the cursor."

Here's the contact info in case you cannot resist:

    Kantek:  voice 516-593-3212
             fax   516-593-3295

I'm not sure everyone will see the Forth connection immediately.
(On the one hand, we have the concepts of minimalism and
simplicity as demonstrated by Chuck Moore's 3-key keyboards.
On the other, we have excessively bloated (as opposed to
appropriately bloated?) hardware requirements.)

  -- Frank

Sat, 11 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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