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 Mops [Bug fix]

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Message 24        Mon Aug 17, 1992
M.HORE [Mike]                at 05:28 EDT

  Hi all Mops users:

Doug Hoffman and I have found and fixed yet another minor bug in the Scroller

Method GETRECT: should now be:

    get: viewRect  put: tempRect
    get: vscroll?  get: hscroll?  or
    if  16  nil?: ^myView +  dup  stretch: tempRect  then
    get: tempRect  ;m

This will correct some anomalies when Scrollers appear inside Scrollers.  Not
the most common occurrence, but it can happen.

For those who are interested (if you're not, you can stop reading now!), the
problem was that getrect: needs to return not the viewrect itself, but the
larger rect which *includes* the scroll bars.  The viewrect for Scrollers
*excludes* the bars. It's a bit tricky.

getrect: is called on subviews to work out how big they are, so the bars need
to be included; but the viewrect itself is used to set the clip area when
drawing -- we don't want to draw over the bars.

So getrect: can't just return the viewrect for Scrollers -- it needs to return
the bigger rect which includes the bars.  I'd originally forgotten this -- or
more likely, never thought of it at all!!

Cheers,   Mike.
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