released ( OpenGL for Win32Forth ) 
Author Message released ( OpenGL for Win32Forth )

I just released the pack.

Here are the changes:
- Moved glViewport to init-DIBsection
- Added 3 threads and a number of events to make FPS constant.
  It works fine in W98. The timing is bad in W2k but not disturbing.
- Now you can:
      1.Zoom while a scene is rotating.
      2.Change FPS and rotation speed.
      3.Save your scene as a bitmap.
      4.Save a number of frames as several bitmaps and see them later.
        E.G. calculate a for of a few days different 3D mandelbrot
             which rotate and play them back later in a few minutes.
             Note: The speed will depend on FPS. ( and your PC )
- Added the Mandelbrot stone. This is a very weird object with an inner
  It changes while it is rotating. It will open when you zoom into it.
- The bouncing ball-scene is able to rotate while it is bouncing.
- A better fullscreen.
- struct.f is able to handle memory structures in a better way.
  added OFFSET  ( saves calculations ) and
        >STRUCT ( saves runtime ).
- Rotating is changed. Try the bouncing ball and hit the <Z> then
  wait for 720 degrees.
- When <Esc> is pressed the interface will not abort anymore but will
  activate request-to-stop.

You can download it for Win32Forth from http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~josv
I hope you like it.


Tue, 10 Feb 2004 03:38:01 GMT released ( OpenGL for Win32Forth )
Have put together a web page for resources for Chuck Moore's colorForth:

The intention is to provide:
1) A colorForth user index to Chuck's web site.
2) A chronological technical/historical background to colorForth.
3) Enable single point access for all colorForth

It is updated primarily from resources posted on the colorForth email list.
Feel free to send in links to the email address on the web page.

Terry Loveall

Tue, 10 Feb 2004 07:03:52 GMT released ( OpenGL for Win32Forth )
>You can download it for Win32Forth from
>I hope you like it.

Has ceased to be the semi-official site for
downloading stuff like Win32Forth? has build 516 of version 4.2 whereas has build 671.

There do seem to be a few changes in the release notes; the most
obvious change is that the newer version uses a commercial
installation program FWIW.


It works for you...

if you start it and you don't get caught.

Tue, 10 Feb 2004 09:07:04 GMT  
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