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 Here's a reply to my previous message for help with Tom Zimmer's TCOM
 target compiler creating "small" applications that gobble up huge
 amounts of RAM.  How's that saying go?  When all else fails read the
 examples.  Sure enough Tom provides an example of initializing a target
 application to use the minimum amount of RAM.  The following is taken
 from his SHELL example in case anyone else is interested.
 : main   ( -- )          \ the main entry point for the program
     DECIMAL                         \ always select decimal
     INIT-CURSOR                     \ get intial cursor shape
     50 FUDGE !                      \ init MS timer, GUESS!!
     CAPS ON                         \ ignore cAsE
     ?DS: SSEG !                     \ init search segment
     DOSIO_INIT                      \ init EMIT, TYPE & SPACES
     here 500 + dup sp0 ! sp!
     here 700 + dup rp0 ! rp!
     here 750 + negate paragraph negate ADJ_MEMORY
     DOS_TO_TIB                      \ move command tail to TIB
     COMSPEC_INIT                    \ init command specification
     bye ;                           \ after setting stacks, you
                                     \ can't just terminate, you
                                     \ must use bye.

 So there it is.
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