Bug found in ftran201.f 
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 Bug found in ftran201.f

At some point when I was simplifying things, I introduced
a bug--I broke the multiline input. It is now fixed, so
download again. Strictly speaking this is version 2.02
or whatever, but "What do you expect for this kind of money?
Egg in your beer?"

I also added an amusing wrinkle: if you compile

        f" A="

the code will be A F! So you can break up assignments to
do some plain Forth in between.

On the web site I now have 2 non-trivial applications
using the new translator: binary search for the (captured)
root of a real function, and the Laguerre algorithm for
the (complex) roots of a (complex) polynomial.


    http://www.*-*-*.com/ .{*filter*}ia.edu/classes/551.jvn.fall01/ftran2x.htm


Julian V. Noble
Professor of Physics

Galileo's Commandment:

   "Science knows only one commandment: contribute to science."
   -- Bertolt Brecht, "Galileo".

Fri, 12 Mar 2004 10:46:45 GMT  
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