Forth for Hewlett-Packard 680X0 computers? 
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 Forth for Hewlett-Packard 680X0 computers?

We are looking for alternate environments for several HP 9000/300
computers; the current version of HP-UX (Unix) cannot run effectively
on them because they cannot be expanded beyond 7.5MB RAM.  These
computers use either the Motorola 68020 or 68030 CPU.  The potential
application is instrument monitoring via a built-in IEEE-488 interface.

I understand that many versions of Forth are designed to be hosted by
an underlying operating system, but that there have been
implementations which include a (perhaps minimal) operating system.
Are there any such implementations which might be able to run on the
HP 9000/300?  Minumum I/O requirements would include interfaces for
HP-IB (IEEE-488) or SCSI disks and an RS-232C serial driver.

Please e-mail any responses.

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Wed, 05 Jul 1995 03:17:44 GMT  
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