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Message 73        Sat Mar 02, 1991
F.SERGEANT [Frank]           at 17:12 CST

 K.LIN from Montreal asks  "PYGMY Forth -- where can I find it?"
 Join GEnie and download file PYGMY13.ZIP.  Or, FIG (408) 277-0668 can  mail
you a diskette.  Or, many other bulletin boards and some shareware  houses
carry it.  Look for version 1.3.  The individual files should  have a date and
time of 10-04-90  1:31a.
 -- Frank

[You can also get it from WSMR-SIMTEL20.ARMY.MIL in PD1:<MSDOS.FORTH> or
 WUARCHIVE.WUSTL.EDU in /mirrors/msdos/forth, or if you have email only
 access to the net, drop me a note and I can email it to you. --Doug]
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Fri, 20 Aug 1993 21:19:24 GMT  
 PYGMY Forth
Category 1,  Topic 45
Message 74        Sat Mar 02, 1991
F.SERGEANT [Frank]           at 17:13 CST

 To Matthew Burke
 Re metacompiling in Pygmy

 > I just downloaded PYGMY 1.3 from ... I have not been
 > able to get the metacompiler to work and was wodering if anyone else
 > had. .
     The first question is whether you are doing something wrong or  whether
the file(s) you got from are bad.  Here is  the DOS
directory listing info for the two key files for Pygmy 1.3:
          PYGMY.COM   15426  10-04-90  1:31a
          PYGMY.SCR  187392  10-04-90  1:31a
 If you don't get the same info, then you may not have the current  files. If
you do, then probably you do have the correct files.  If you  have the
September (1:30a) files, they should still work.
 I just tried out metacompilation on my copies of the above files and  it
worked fine.  Here's what I did, running from a floppy on drive B:
       1 LOAD
 It worked fine, creating the kernel file  H1.COM  (whose name you can  change
on screen 1 of PYGMY.SCR).  Then to verify it, I used the kernel  file to
build the rest of the Pygmy system by typing
       83 LOAD
 It worked fine, extending the kernel to various degrees and saving the
results as H2.COM, H3.COM, and H4.COM.  Then from DOS I compared  PYGMY.COM to
H4.COM and they matched exactly.
 So, please try the meta-compilation exactly as I demonstrated above,  from
the original files (where you have made no changes at all to  PYGMY.SCR) and
see what happens.  If it doesn't work, please report  exactly what you did and
exactly what did happen, and maybe I can  figure out what is going wrong.
 You mentioned that TCREATE was missing.  Missing from *where*?  I  found it
on screen 7 of PYGMY.SCR.  Get into Pygmy and type  1 EDIT to  get into the
editor.  Then press the F3 key (for setting up a search  string) and type
TCREATE followed by the enter key.  This will cause  the editor to search
screen 1 for "TCREATE" and it won't find it.  Now  press the F10 key and the
editor will search across screens until it  comes to TCREATE or until it comes
to the end of the last screen in  PYGMY.SCR.
 When in doubt, exit to DOS (with BYE) and bring up a fresh copy of
PYGMY.COM.  When further in doubt, do a Ctrl-Alt-Del reboot of your  computer.
To eliminate all doubt, do a "master reset."  That is, turn  off power to the
computer with the Big Red Switch, wait a few minutes,  and turn the computer
on again.  Try to go back to copies of the  original files you downloaded.
 One caution, after you have meta-compiled or started meta-compiling,  you
shouldn't try to meta-compile *again* without exiting to DOS and  reloading
PYGMY.COM (why? you may not care why, but it is because you  have already
redefined colon, etc and when you try to redefine them a  second time things
won't work).
 Now, here is a general complaint I'd like to lodge against those who  are
guilty of it.  This applies only mildly to Matthew.  He says "I  have not been
able to get the metacompiler to work."  Now, that's not  bad.  After all, he
*did* say it was Pygmy Forth and he *did* say it  was version 1.3 and he *did*
say where he got it.  But he didn't say  *what* he did specifically in his
attempt to get it to work and he  didn't say *what* happened in response.
Could such info have helped me  pin-point the problem?  Possibly.  Someone
else posted a sample of code  he couldn't get to work (it had nothing to do
with Pygmy) and didn't  even bother to say what Forth he was using or what
type of computer.  (In spite of that Dennis Ruffer was kind enough to answer
him.)  My  point here is that requesters of help should give as much info as
possible.  This will increase their chance of getting appropriate  answers.
 Matthew, if you are in doubt about whether you have the correct files,  you
could copy them to a floppy and send the to me and I'll compare  them to the
masters.  Or, you could ZIP them with PKZIP v1.1 and see  what CRCs you get.
I get AA74E3CD for PYGMY.SCR and EBBCB497 for  PYGMY.COM.
 Feel free to write with more info or questions as I would very much  like to
help you work this out.
  -- Frank
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Fri, 20 Aug 1993 21:19:27 GMT  
 PYGMY Forth

>Category 1,  Topic 45
>Message 73        Sat Mar 02, 1991
>F.SERGEANT [Frank]           at 17:12 CST

> K.LIN from Montreal asks  "PYGMY Forth -- where can I find it?"
> .
... detail deleted
> -- Frank

...(Message from Doug)

I downloaded a copy from WUARCHIVE.WUSTL.EDU.  Thank you very much!

Tue, 24 Aug 1993 09:06:45 GMT  
 PYGMY Forth
Category 1,  Topic 45
Message 77        Mon Mar 11, 1991
F.SERGEANT [Frank]           at 02:14 CST

 This is a reply to Henry Vinerts's open letter (uploaded as file
PYGMYLTR.TXT in library 7) to me.
 Thanks for your kind words.  It sounds like you are successfully on  the path
toward learning Forth.  I didn't see anything in your letter  that I was sure
was a direct question to me.  If I over looked any such  questions, please
post them again.  If you are attending the SVFIG  meetings, I think you have
unlimited expertise available to assist you.
 In addition, questions etc. may always be posted in this topic.  If  you feel
a question is too stupid to post publicly you can always email  it to me,
although, considering all the traffic I've seen on the BBS  over the years, I
don't think you should worry about anything you post  publicly.
 I have been hoping to put together a few "skeleton" applications, such  that
a beginner could get started right away just by fleshing them out  or
customizing them.  I haven't done it yet, but still have hopes.
 It might be harder to learn Forth in the abstract than to learn it by
picking a specific project and doing it in Forth.  So, figure out what  you
need the computer to do for you and then use Forth to make the  computer do
it.  (Start small.)
 I am interested in how a newcomer to Pygmy reacts.  I've felt that a
software package needs to let the user feel oriented and in-charge as  quickly
as possible.  He can feel oriented and confident in proceeding  long before
all details are memorized or mastered.  At some point,  things click
(hopefully).  Then he knows how to find out any of the  details he needs to
know.  He is no longer "completely lost."  I think  (1) feedback and (2) a
proper "mental model" are important to this  feeling of orientation.  If you
were driving a car and couldn't find  out whether you'd steered, accelerated,
and braked correctly until the  end of the trip (which could occur when you
arrive at your planned  destination, or when you are dead or in a ditch) ...
well, that's what  I mean by feedback! -- it needs to be rapid.
 Good luck.
 -- Frank
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Sat, 28 Aug 1993 11:22:04 GMT  
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