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 scientific programming in forth

Subject: scientific programming in forth
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FORTH has been called " of the  best-kept  secrets  in  the
computing world". Combining the execution  speed  of  a  compiled
language with the immediacy and  convenience  of  an  interpreted
language, FORTH is nevertheless  so  simple  its  kernel  can  be
compressed into a few kilobytes of machine code. Many scientists,
engineers and programmers have recognized that FORTH "...provides
the most direct,  revealing  and  flexible  way  for  controlling
computer hardware yet invented,"  applying  FORTH  to  industrial
control, robotics and laboratory instrumentation.

FORTH is the only completely extensible modern computer language.
User-defined operators, data structures, commands, functions  and
subprograms  act  precisely  like  the   core   operators,   data
structures and commands -- they are  true  extensions  to  FORTH.
Moreover, the FORTH compiler is part of the  language,  available
to the user. These features give FORTH enormous abstractive power
and elegance of expression. A  FORTH  program  to  solve   linear
equations can look as simple as

: }}SOLVE     ( adr[M] adr[y] - - )

"Scientific FORTH: a modern language  for  scientific  computing"
extends  the  FORTH  kernel  in  the  direction   of   scientific
problem-solving. It is the  first  book  to  illustrate  advanced
FORTH programming techniques with non-trivial applications:

         . high-speed real and complex floating point arithmetic

         . generic data structures and  operations  ("intelligent
           floating point stack)

         . numerical integration/Monte-Carlo methods

         . linear equations and matrices

         . functional representation of data (FFT, polynomials)

         . function minimization

         . differential equations

         . roots of equations

         . computer algebra

         . FORmula TRANslator

Since (as sayeth the Preacher)  "...time  and  chance  happen  to
everything" (even FORTH!) "Scientific FORTH" devotes considerable
space  to  explaining  the  algorithms  and  ideas   behind   the
illustrative programs.

All programs appear on the diskette included with the book.

The list price  of  "Scientific  FORTH:  a  modern  language  for
scientific computing" (ISBN 0-9632775-0-2) is $49.95 + $3.00  s/h
(in continental US--overseas shipping additional).

To order, send personal check,  money  order  (sorry,  no  credit
cards) or corporate  purchase  order  (terms  for  P.O.'s:  $5.00
handling charge, payment  due  30  calendar  days  from  billing,

         Mechum Banks Publishing
         P.O. Box 335
         Ivy, {*filter*}ia 22901

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