anyone get Tile forth to work? 
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 anyone get Tile forth to work?

I got the Tile forth distribution, compiled and installed it, and it
seems to work fine with trivial definitions, but it chokes on all the
example code that comes with the distribution.  The first problem it
has with every file is when it encounters the word, "#include", in a
context like, "#include foo.f83".  I guess either I am supposed to run
all these files through cpp first or there is supposed to be a word
"#include" defined somewhere that does something analogous to "LOAD".

Anyone get any farther?

-- John C

Wed, 12 Jul 1995 02:33:51 GMT  
 anyone get Tile forth to work?

Thanks very much to everyone who responded.  Actually, it was PATH
that was set wrong.  I admit to pilot error, but I suppose it would be
nice if the README either mentioned running "which forth" or said,
"The following banner will appear when you invoke Tile forth: . . . ."
I'll try to be awake next time I compile something new.

-- jmc

Fri, 14 Jul 1995 18:48:43 GMT  
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