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Message 177       Sat Apr 24, 1993
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 Hi.  Thanks for giving me D/L privs in the middle of the night.

 in Cupertino, went through some mental gyrations about whether it
 was worth the $$ for a FORTH that was the wrong disk format for
 me and that had "no assurance" of ever being upgraded to full
 ANSI (hey, I was in a crummy mood or something, what can I say)--
 but then I actually dipped into the book in enough places to
 realize that it was a chock-full-o-lore book that I needed to
 own, even if I never loaded the ZEN disk.  I have a few bones to
 pick with you (like your compiler chauvinism in a few spots), but
 I gotta say, you did some good work. I did a long stint of FORTH
 work in financial applications many mooms ago; am now involved in
 various embedded controller apps and other fun stuff. Have you
 ever heard of a FORTH for the PIC microprocessor family?  It'd be
 a tight squeeze.  Michael Perry told me there was some sort of
 minimal-core-word FORTH around called something like PIGforth; I
 guessed he might mean Pygmy when I saw that name here. I'm kind
 of looking for the equivalent of SIOD (SCHEME In One Defun) for
 FORTH.  My guess is that I'd need about 8 words. See you on the
 Net, and thanks again!

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 Forth! ---
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