Minor changes to ForthNet email services. 
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 Minor changes to ForthNet email services.

Due to difficulties in getting email back to the people that have been
requesting files, I have to ask that you include your email address in the
body of your message.  In addition it has to be an address that works
from the Internet Domain Name System (i.e. out.the.wazoo.edu) or an address
relative to a well known uucp backbone (i.e. uunet!host!host!...).

If anyone has not yet gotten the files they have requested it is because
I couldn't find a mail path back to you.  Please resubmit your request along
with a email address in the body of your message.  I'm sorry for any
inconvenience this has caused.  

-Doug Philips

Mon, 07 Jun 1993 03:57:48 GMT  
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