Abstracts for 1988 Rochester Forth Conference 
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 Abstracts for 1988 Rochester Forth Conference

                1988 Rochester Forth Conference
                  June 14th - June 18th, 1988
                        Rochester, NY

Some Abstracts of Papers to be presented:
Agostini, Romain C., SLAC, Standford University, "The Pasha Hardware
    Diagnostic Package."

Ahmad, Bapi M., Druma Inc., "CASE: Extending its Scope and Utility."

Anway, Allan, "A Preferred Forth Meta-compiler."

Brown, R.J., Elijah Laboratories, Inc., "An Architecture for Dataflow

Brumm, D.B., Michigan Technological University, Nonvolatile Semiconductor
     Memory for Forth Blocks."

De Mayo, Frank N. Dr., Villanova University, "Neural Network Simulation
     using FORTH."

Donovan, Brian, Novix, "Interrupts and the NC4016," "The Novix C Compiler,"
     "The Novix Express Forth Development Environment."

Dwyer, Timothy, Harris Semiconductor, "A Development Board for Modelling
     Embedded Forth Microcontroller Applications."

Frenger, Paul, "Semiconductor Memory Cards for FORTH systems."

Goodman, Rodney, "An Arithmetic-Stack Processor for High Level Language

Graff, Mike, "Harris Semiconductor, "RTX-2000: A FORTH-based Real Time

Hand, Tom, Florida Institue of Technology, "Software Metrics in Forth,"
     "FORTH and WISC: The Marriage with Extensibility."

Hanson, Henning, The Technical University of Denmark, "Forth for Geometric

Hayes, John, Johns Hpkins Applied Physics Lab, "The Architecture of
     FRISC 3: A Summary."

Lewis, Steve Dr., "An aid for sattelite design using object oriented forth,"
     "Local Objects: A paradigm for handling data on the stack."

Luoma, Alexander, FDLE/CJIS/MSSC, "SKWK: An Experiment in Programming for
     Investigations and Identifications."

Mikaten, Brian, BCM Designs, "Forth-based Light Controlled Acoustic Oriented

Mirshab, Bahram, Oakland University, "Calculating Shape Features in a Binary

Naimoli, Wayne, Gazza Lab, "Forth Words in 'C'."

Pandolfo, Michael, Stratus Computer, "A Consistent Interface for Firmware
     and Software," "A Bit of Musing over the NMI F68HC11."

Ruffer, Dennis, Forth Interest Group, "GEnie On 25 Cents/Day."

Smith, Norman E., ET-FIG News, "Stoic on the DEC VAX," "DOE Current Energy
     Awareness Bulletins: An Application of Stoic."

Thomas, Jeff, UAB, Bio-Mathematics, "An Imprecision Vocabulary."

Urieli, Israel, Ohio Univ., "RePTIL, ReEntrant Quans, and Recursion."

Villeneuve, Michel, Cegep Andre-Laurendeau, "Electrical Distribution in
     Network Simulator."

Williams, Laird C., "Implementation of an OPS5 Derivative on the Novix
     RISC Processor."

Woehr, Jack, Vesta Technologies, "Zilog Super8: The 'People's Forth Chip.'"

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