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 Question: Programming Pra

On 12-21-92, ANTHONY E BIBLE wrote to ALL and said:

AE>  I would be interested to know how others would approach this problem,
AE> or, if you think I'm just being {*filter*}retentive and this is not a problem, I'd
AE> like to hear your views on that too.

        I think that you're being a bit too {*filter*} yourself.

        If I had to use a new "AND", I'd define it as "and" (lower
        case without the quotes).

        If I were *really* ambitious, I'd define a new "AND" that was
        smart enough to do both the job of the old "AND", and
        whatever else the new "AND" had to do.  "State-smart" and
        transparently so, so to speak.


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Sun, 11 Jun 1995 06:51:00 GMT  
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